Answering Questions On Cleaning Oil Painting Brushes With Baby Oil

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We’ve received several questions from students on how best to clean your oil painting brushes with Baby Oil.

So we put together a nice little video that shows everything we know on the subject….


Darrell’s Basic Paints For All Occasions

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I just can’t put together a basic film on which brushes without doing the same for paints…..


Darrell’s Most Basic Brush Set

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I’m often asked what Brand of brushes I use and what would I consider the most basic of all brush sets to have.

I gotta be honest. I only use a little over a dozen brushes and consider them all pretty necessary.

But in the spirit of giving my students what they’re seeking, Joe and I made this little film…


Beginning Artists, In Less than 10 Minutes You’ll Learn How To Build Your Own Brush Caddy

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What Paints & Medium Do You Use?

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Roberta from Panama recently wrote A nice letter asking me what colors of paints, tube sizes and mediums I use. Some of the mediums I use are difficult to ship from the US due to tightened security over the past 2 years.

Let me start-off by stating I use three sets of the 19 paint colors. These colors cover all of the types of paintings I like to paint including landscapes, seascapes, florals, tall ships, wildlife, pets, portraits, still life and figures.

I use 19 colors of paints.

Three sets include: A set for painting in the studio, a set for painting plein-aire and the set I use for teaching on location. If you are not an instructor, than you would only need 2 sets of paints. And if you never go on location to paint, than you can do quite nicely with just one set of paints.

1. My studio paints which I use most of the time. I store these paints in my waist high rolling tool cabinet that has five drawers for organization. The top drawer contains my paints, with brushes and other supplies in the drawers below. I generally have a large tube of all 19 colors in the top drawer.

2. My field easel for going on location has a storage container for paints and one for brushes. I carry a set of small tubes for each of the 19 colors. Sometimes, I’ll carry a second small tube of Titantium white.

3. For classes in which I must supply all of the paints, I use an assortment of large tubes and small tubes as follows:

    Large Tubes of Paints (200 ml or 5 oz)

1. Sap Green
2. Alizarin Crimson
3. Burnt Umber (Van Dyke Brown)
4. Burnt Sienna (Dark Sienna)
5. Paynes Gray
6. Cad Yellow
7. Yellow Ochre
8. Titanium White

Small Tubes of Paints (37 ml or 1.5 oz)
1. Ivory Black
2. Prussian Blue
3. Pthalo Blue
4. French Ultramarine Blue
5. Pthalo Green
6. Indian Yellow
7. Cad Red Light
8. Purple
9. Orange
10. Raw Sienna
11. Raw Umber

Medium Formula
1. 2 oz Linseed Oil
2. 10 oz Odorless Turpentine
3. 24 drops Cobalt or Japan Drier (1 drop per ounce)

To make medium white, or medium gray or medium name-your-color for a blank canvas, I add a small amount of paint to the medium and brush onto the canvas.


Answers For A Couple Of Student Questions.

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Andrew writes …I’m in the midst of watching the Pirates Ahoy, Disk 1 video (on the YouCanPaintClub). I’ve gotten to the point where you (Darrell) have painted the black background, back of the ship (gold), sky/water base colour, clouds and first part of the water (day 1). In day 2, where you start to lay out the sails, you mention that the paint from yesterday is already completely dry. My question is, how did you get it too dry so fast? I’m predominantly an acrylic painter and have tried water mixable oils once. It took well over 2 weeks for my one small painting to dry (and it was a very “thin” painting). Although, I might have used too much linseed oil as a medium (maybe I shouldn’t have used any at all) – I was just experimenting. From what I understand, oil paints can take anywhere from a few days to weeks to dry. Did you do something differently or am I mistaken (wouldn’t be the first time :-) ), or is it the type of oil paint you used?

I would like to paint this painting and try it using the water mixable oils that I have, but I don’t want to wait weeks between your “sessions” of the movies for my paint to dry. Any pointers/help you could provide would be appreciated.

Hi Andrew and thank you for a great email.
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Liners And Sprays….. or Was It Sprays & Liners?

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10_15_04-w I received a couple of questions this morning and I believe everybody would enjoy having the answer.

The first from Irene who asked about a  varnish to spray on a painting when it was completed.  What should she use and should she use it? The second question was from Ann asking about sizes of liner brushes and what’s the smallest size she could obtain since she’s doing a lot of detail work.  Read the rest of this entry »


Darrell,What About Canvas Boards ….

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I just watched your PREPARATION DVD and it was very helpful.  My question is about using canvas panels.  Am I correct in that it is NOT RECOMMENDED to use for wet-on-wet painting.  Should I use them for paintings in which I do not use any mediums.  They are double primed.  Thanks, Ed.


I personally don’t like canvas boards because

  • Medium White, Medium Clear and Medium Black do not behave naturally on these surfaces.
  • Paintings do not dry quick enough for me on these panels.
  • The boards even slow down the drying action of fast drying mediums.
  • Their feel is not natural to canvas surface.
  • Sometimes they warp when they dry.
  • For practice surfaces, I do recommend taping canvas paper to a canvas.  This is also much less expensive than canvas boards or panels.


Darrell, I Have A Question ….

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Darrell, I have a question ……….. or two.

Thanks for the bonus….  Now my first question is about the #9 Seascapes–bonus pdf file.  I was trying to match this pdf file with a painting.  It does not seem to describe the steps in the seascape dvd? Which painting does it describe?

It also mentions cleaning brushes with orderless cleaner.  I thought you only used baby oil?  Was this an earlier method?

Brushes: I bought several Sabel-soft handle brushes for $2.98 less 15%. (small sizes for detail work). Could they be any good at this price?

What type of brush should be used for what purpose?   You mention: bristle–natural hair–synthetic!   Do they have different uses?

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Paint Tip From Michelle

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Hey Darrell,
I have several sets of your videos also and have been painting for years! When I read this I just wanted to add, If you put your pallet of paint you didn’t use (as soon as you are finished with them) take the pallet and put it in the freezer until you are going to use it again and the paint doesn’t dry out for sometimes weeks. Just a little trivia hope it helps.
I am praying for you, God Bless you and yours, Michelle B.

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